Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Timeless Love

Sue had the privilege to visit South Carolina for Grandma and Grandpa's 60th Wedding Anniversary! They were married October 28th, 1950. We love them so much, and miss them terribly. We are continually inspired by their love and devotion to what is really important; one another. We love you!! <3

Another amazing couple who just celebrated their SILVER wedding anniversary on the 8th of February; JEFF AND SUE! We are so very excited for them and have enjoyed celebrating their marriage :] Happy 25 years, you two. Love you! (P.S. the silver platter from the Lashiers is lovely!)

Slater Family!

WE LOVE THE SLATERS!! Really, they are amazing and we were so excited to visit them for New Years. They are currently "stationed" in College Station, Texas; where Jeff goes to Grad school (Go Texas A&M!) Studying Landscape Architect Design. He is the guy who his professors send people who need help on something. Yeah, he's the best. He loves his family, his studies, and we love him!

On their way to moving to Texas from California, they stopped by to New Mexico to visit Grandma and Grandpa Harrison!

Sean LOVED Grandma and Grandpa Harrison's dog, Casper!

We loved visiting them in Texas for the New Years!

Sean and Nanna Sue at the park :]

He looovvvveeesss the rocking chair!

Sean and Grandpa enjoy a good book on a trip to the library.

We love the Slaters, and are so thankful for them in our lives.


Here are some Highlights from 2010, and maybe early 2011. The Harrison Family have had so many great adventures and experiences, and we hope you enjoy some of them!

Elder James Harrison has been loving his Independence Missouri Mission and has recently reached his 18 month mark! (Needless to say we are very excited for his return in July! AHHHHHH!!) James is loving every bit of his Mission and we are so proud of him. He faithfully writes his family members every week,and shares his love of the Gospel through every word (while making us laugh with his sense of humor). He is currently serving as a District Leader and has been for a while. Elder Harrison has had so many cool experiences, but I will share one that maybe WASN'T so spectacular for us, especially for our poor Missionary!

In late June,He and his companion were riding their bikes down a hill and James flipped head over handlebars after slipping on some loose gravel. Good thing he was wearing a helmet! His radial head in his left elbow cracked (OUCH) and had to wear a sling supporting his left arm while his right elbow and hand were neatly bandaged. James still had a smile on his face, and continued in the Lord's work.

In his email explaining the incident, he says "I'm doing fine, and it's my left arm that has the radial (or rotor?) head fracture (its a small crack). I feel a little disappointed to be the first in the family to break a bone, but I guess that's part of life. I'm having a good time getting used to the sling. My companion finds it entertaining when I attempt to get my church suit on!"

Hahaha leave it to James to give us some comic relief :]

Elder Harrison and district Elders after district meeting (he's the cute one)

We have a wall dedicated to James where it has his mission, location of transfers, and postcards and pictures that he send home! We love our missionary!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Beginning 2010!

Happy New Years! The Harrison family has began the new years with many new fun things and accomplishments! Mom got a haircut, which she absolutely loves, along with a repaired chalkboard she had when the we were little. Isn't she beautiful?

Over the break, Dad went down to Alamogordo, New Mexico to visit Grandma and Grandpa Harrison. While he was there he built an irrigation system, requiring many hours of digging and piping. He was going great and almost done when it started to snow! Even though all of his hard work was frozen, he got to experience some beautiful scenery. Something that would have never happened in Arizona!

"Walking Through The Seasons"
An idea inspired from my Grandpa Lashier's advice to "winter and summer" someone. Thanks Grandpa!

This is a mosaic I made for my stained glass class. Even though the semester already ended, my teacher let me finish it over the break (thank you Mrs. Stallings!) It may not look like much, but each piece had to be cut and placed in a certain way. I really enjoyed creating this, but I don't think I have the patience or any skin left on my fingers to make another one!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Highlights from 2009!

Sarah and Jeffy Graduated from BYU, yay!

And then had their first baby, Jeff and Sue's first grandchild! Sean David Slater born on September 28, 2009. He is such a precious addition to our family!

Such a sweet family!

James got his mission call this year, and is currently serving in the Independence Missouri Mission! We miss him, but we are so proud of his faithful service to the Lord! He loves being a missionary, and we love hearing of his many adventures every week!

Diane (right) has turned 18 this year, and is currently enjoying being a Senior at Mountain View. She has had many marvelous experiences and continues to love life!

Jeff was able to show the family some places from his mission while we visited Sarah and Jeff in California! Cool! His garden is awesome, as always, and has blessed our family with a variety of yummy veggies.

Sue loves being Nanna to little Sean, and enjoys helping a friend with her third grade Hispanic Class! She loves to serve others and is a wonderful mother and friend. Sue has also been a little detective and has found some new relatives while working on family history, how exciting!